Friday, July 20, 2012

Monster Women : #1

Monster Women Magazine Presents:  Miss Lucy Westenra, with her pet wolf D.  Been working on this for far too long, finally just calling it.  I get obsessive about...well, everything in an image, so I'm forcing myself to let it go.  Started this about a year ago.  Sheesh.

Started with SketchbookPro, moved to ArtRage, then back'n forth betwixt ArtRage and PS.  Some work on the tablet, some on the main machine.  Full-size is around 13" high, 400 dpi.  I've been making these pretty big (i have various future plans, all of them nefarious).

  Obviously, HEAVILY influenced by old pinups, specifically Elvgren. 

Monday, July 16, 2012


Sometimes I have to do a quick(ish) drawing/painting to remind myself that I'm not a complete artistic washout.  This was a couple hours in front of the tv, all in sketchbook pro, on the tablet.  From ref, as usual.  Yes, her eyes and jaw are still wonky.