Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2017 Retrospective

I'm a couple days late for my annual year-end review.  But here 'tis.

This year has felt like a slow one to me in terms of output.  Looking more closely, however, leads me to a slightly different conclusion.  Take into account that I restarted a full-time hourly job in March.  Several of my projects were WAY more complex than anything I've ever tried before(severed head, robot arm, 15+ little sculpts/molds/castings for Macbeth, the Krampus doll, etc)...and they were done on the required schedule and remain functional(!)  Been learning some new tools (Ultimaker, anyone?), or at least trying to.

That's a pretty full schedule.  Time for editing vids has been rough to come by.  Youtube output has slowed quite a bit; but the channel's still growing at the same nearly-glacial-pace that it was last year.  That's cool.  Thankfully, I'm not doing any of this for the moneys.  Still have a dozen things in various states of completion/filming that I hope to finish in 2018.

Don't think I can really complain.  Onward!