Monday, April 6, 2009


Saw Watchmen a few weeks ago, drew this almost immediately after. Love the GN, enjoyed the movie. Freaked out over the awesome vintage costumes (hand-sewn leather hoods? Amazing.)

March sketchiness

two quick work-sketches. Conrad Veidt (Cesare the somnambulist in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari) from a studio publicity still, and a really quick lunchtime sketch.

2 more

Okay, two finished drawings. I *heart* vintage photos.

March Drawings

Top left is from a brilliant photo of Theda Bara, great expression (that I almost reproduced. almost.) And thank you, I know the 3rd piece has no head. Screwed it up horribly, just erased it in post. Was much more about the body at any rate. No, really.

January Drawings

Stuff that I meant to post 2 months ago. Including a Palermo Mummy sporting a very festive bit of headgear. Have decided that 2 key things i MUST learn to draw correctly are mouths and (oddly enough) boobs. As much as I like to draw cute girls, how can I possibly not know how to draw these things correctly!? Sad, really.