Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And now for something different:

So these photos are from a project my friend Fwank did. Photos of different enviroments. Since Jen and I have pretty much made each room in our house into its own little world, it was a one-stop-shopping sorta deal. Thought I'd show someone else's art for a change.

Fwank had never seen the house before, so that was entertaining. And I got to stand there doing my best melancholy-indie-rocker shtick. Also entertaining. From the top, we have the library (which is supposed to be a dining room, but c'mon, who needs a dining room when you could have a place for your books?!), the kitchen (complete with newly tiled floors, because turqoise-y blue and charcoal grey are the best colors ever), exterior (which I like because it's a perspective on the house that I don't often have), my wreck of a workspace (complete with old unfinished paintings and a 6-inch layer of assorted crap on the worktable), and the last one is the doorway to our tiny downstairs bathroom (the walls of which are covered with repro pulp magazine covers and a shade of green we refer to as 'Toxic Zombie Green'). I do like me house.

Friday, June 5, 2009

1 year ago

Two more from last summer, right around the start of me trying really hard to accept that my artistic output will never be what I want it to be. Trying to embrace it for what it is.
I used to do the whole lightly sketched pencils/refine lines/pen & ink/erase pencils routine. It was a pain in my derriere, and I found it really difficult to maintain consistency between pencils & inks. So I ditched the pencil. Started using a light grey prismacolor marker for rough shapes, and straight to pen over the top. Mistakes are still visible, usually even after I try to hide them. This doesn't really bother me (certainly not like I thought it would). This is just how I draw. Sloppy & sketchy.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

More from a couple years ago...

Looking back over my drawings from the last few years, I'm kind of troubled by how much it's changed. Consistency has always been an issue for me; some days everything works just as I want, other days nothing works at all. I was obsessed with having very strong lines, very graphic-style work for some time. Unfortunately, making that happen is a real struggle for me, considering that my most comfortable working method is sketching with a pen.
That being said, I'm pretty proud of these pieces. Each was something better than I though I was capable of at the time.
p.s. Top left is yet another shot of Zoetica Ebb, top right is Katie West, another source of inspiration.

Card-Deck Box

So this was the box art for my home-made deck of playing cards, handed out to a select few over Christmas '08.


Spent a couple months last year obsessing over samurai, playing samurai games, running a samurai RPG, (L5R, for all you gaming nerds out there) etc. Just found these drawings, and the character sketches below.