Friday, September 28, 2012

Full Nerd

So i got the request to do a "severe businesswoman" drawing for game night.  Game was cancelled, so i drew instead.  The other one is of this character our crew ran into, Oni-chan.  Oni-chan is not long for our game world, he just doesn't realize it yet.  But i wanted to see if i could translate oni-style facial deformations onto something more realistic.  Meh.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Monster Women: #2

Monster Women Magazine presents the lovely Weena, from the George Pal film The Time Machine, released in 1960.  Weena's one of the Eloi, the light-on-smarts but lovely successors to humanity.  ArtRage, minimal Photoshop, drawn on two different tablets.  I've figured out a bit regarding the software, which is most helpful.  Use of color remains...problematic.
As a side note, now I really want to make a plush morlock.  Dammit.