Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sketchbookin' 2

That's right, it's another mummy. And an octopus. For someone who loves the work of HPL as much as I do, it's rather ironic that I find tentacles extremely difficult to draw. But mummies - mummies are easy. I tried to split the difference by drawing from a photo of a dead, formaldehyde-preserved octopus. Meh, coulda been worse.

Gunnar Olof Hylten-Cavallius (and me)

Gunnar Olof Hylten-Cavallius was a Swedish folklorist(among other things)  in the 19th century.  And his beard was awesome.  I work at a bookstore.  And am less-magnificently bearded.


Alright, this is some new sketches, alongside months-old crap. Apologize for the weird greyshift across the images - it was a strange lighting day.   Photo'd from current sketchbook.  Top one is proof that there's no otherwise-okay drawing that I can't screw up with poorly rendered tattoos.  Second is a character study for the script I wrote in the spring.  No, it's not necessarily dead, just a couple rounds of rewrites and a veritable shit-ton of prep work ahead.  The other two are just more sketches, from reference.