Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So, I've been working on this off'n on for months. The Alien Blaster from Fallout 3. Everything cheezy and fun about 1950's scifi design shows up on this thing. Great curve, fins, radiator discs on the barrel; I love it. So of course I have to make one. Took a bunch of really bad camphone shots from the game (straight off my tv, no less), had the blaster next to a pack of cigarettes(in-game, at least). From there extrapolated the "real world" dimensions. Roughly.

Lathed some rounded shapes outta foam, cast those in Apoxyscult, sanded like crazy.
Laminated some plastic sheet together for the flat shapes. Was on attempt #2 of the barrel when I discovered much better shots online, realized my basic design was pretty far off. So, I'm on to attempt #3.
But that's fine. As with all this crap, the problem-solving process is what I really enjoy. Strategizing how exactly to accomplish something. And it's always nice to actually be building something, after so much digital work.
I've also got this in the works; for a Shadowrun game where we're all playing cops in 2040 Seattle. Immediately after the Night of Rage, if anyone's familiar with SR. 'Cuz really, how could we play a cop game without poorly crafted plastic badges?