Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: Year In Review

Had a couple low-productivity months over the summer, but I think I did pretty OK this year.  25 paying bits of illustration.  Again, not livable money...but way more than the 4 I did the year before.
Actually turned in the last paid piece of 2015 about 15 minutes before I started typing this.  December was kinda rough, and it will continue right through into January.

I have barely played Fallout 4.  I have not yet seen The Force Awakens(!)  Haven't really hung out with my family in weeks.  Ah, the freelancer's carefree life.

Learned a whole bunch about the new Sketchbook Pro...enough that my most recent batch were done entirely in that photoshop or artrage required.  Learned a whole lot about painting hair.  Taught myself rudimentary bookbinding, and proceeded to hand-make about 2 dozen sketchbooks.  wrote 100+ pages of a CYOA-style experiment.  Also, my long-term project involving werewolves continues as time permits.  Finally finished my blade runner pistol, and then had the photo re-tweeted by Adam Savage (again, '!').
  Lots of anxiety and stress, but less pain.  More therapy.  We'll see how 2016 goes.

Happy New Year